Delay and sorry

2016-11-27 17:09:21 by AshiroKei

Well, i'll start this text with one request of apology. The animations and arts to newgrounds are  suffering with delay. I have motives to this delay, this year was very hard to me.


So, sorry, sorry friends and administrators!


The problems:

1) In the beginning of this year my wii had problems in the lens.

2) My computer had problems in the Hard Disk.

3) My 3ds had problems in the battery


When I had solved all problems, my precious treasure leave me. My mother passed away.


I ask only more patience,  soon i'll return with new content.

I thank everyone for their support and apologize for everything. I'll soon back!

Thanks for saving my animation

2015-03-01 09:49:20 by AshiroKei

Berserk FinalBattleParody now SAVED, thank you people of newgrounds, and thank you Newgrounds Staff.

I'll do my best to improve my skills for the future.


Link ⇨